Is Brock Lesnar Going To Leave WWE For UFC Very Soon?

Brock Lesnar has been in the WWE for around five years now, but it sounds like he's wanting to leave professional wrestling again. His itch to go back and fight in the UFC is too strong so we might not see him in a WWE ring after SummerSlam.

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Brock Lesnar has "retired" from MMA multiple times. His first retirement was in December 2011 which prompted him to go back to the WWE. He signed a three year contract with the WWE that was set to expire in April 2015. Many people thought he was going back to the UFC, but he extended his contract to remain in professional wrestling. He said his MMA career was over.

While still under contract with the WWE, he shockingly returned to the UFC in July 2016 to fight Mark Hunt at UFC 200. His stint in MMA was shortlived though because he was caught taking performance enhancing drugs. He announced another retirement shortly after that.

However, now it sounds like he is ready to go back to MMA once again. He has to wait for his suspension to be lifted, but he might not be back in WWE after SummerSlam. During Raw, Paul Heyman said if Lesnar loses the Universal Championship, both Lesnar and Heyman are leaving WWE for good.

This is because Jon Jones (current Light Heavyweight Champion in UFC) has challenged Lesnar to a fight. Lesnar wants to fight for real again, and Jon Jones is a big match people will pay to watch. If this match does go ahead, SummerSlam 2017 might be the last time we see Lesnar inside the WWE ring for a very long time.

Granted, Lesnar only wrestled on a part-time basis so we didn't see him in WWE very often anyway. However, it sounds like Lesnar wants to prove himself in MMA again. As aforementioned, his last fight was tainted due to him taking enhancements.

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