The Young Turks' Ana Kasparian Jabs Cenk Uygur For Sexism

Yesterday on The Young Turks, Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discussed sexism in reference to Liz Wheeler, the host of One America News' Tipping Point. And during the discussion, Kasparian took an interesting little jab at Uygur and The Young Turks.

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Ana Kasparian has long been a champion of feminist causes. During The Young Turks broadcast, she called out Wheeler for attacking the women who marched on International Women's Day.

While discussing that topic, Kasparian discussed how her feelings toward feminism have changed, saying this (in relation to Wheeler and other anti-feminist young women):

Maybe you haven't hit a point where you see that sexism exists -- because I personally did not think sexism was a thing. I used to think feminists were unbearable. Like: feminism...who the f--- needs feminism? Ugh, they just play victim. And you know I'm gonna work hard and I'm gonna get what I want through working hard.

And then I started working and I'm like oh....holy s----, there's a lot of sexism. And not necessarily in this company....Although, you I'm gonna keep it real. Look, TYT has come a super long way since I started working here. But there were issues --- there were issues in the beginning. Okay, like John [Idarolla] hosting the first hour before I hosted the first hour, and then why was that? Like that was some bulls----, right?

Ouch. Kasparian went on to reiterate, however, that The Young Turks has evolved and is now very good about those issues.

But she brings up a very good point: John Idarolla does host the first (political) hour much more often than she does. And it was very much noticeable. Kasparian has proven over and over that she is an excellent host -- who could probably get a great gig on any mainstream TV network if she wanted -- so it does seem strange that she is often passed over as host.

Nevertheless, it's nice to see someone courageous enough to stand up for what she believes in, regardless of whether it's uncomfortable. And it's great to see that The Young Turks is moving toward embracing feminism, instead of attacking it, like many other media companies.

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