Zach Braff Talks Working With Michael Caine and More On The Ellen Show

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Actor Zach Braff put on his directors pants for a new film called Going In Style.

The film features an all star cast including Morgan Freeman, Alan Arkin, Ann Margaret and of course Michael Caine. Braff visited The Ellen Show to chat about the film and also had a bit of a scooter race.

DeGeneres welcomed Braff to the show and said that it has been awhile since they saw each other. Braff said he said her and genuinely thought "wow I miss you so much." Braff said he has made his first really big movie.

He said he was shocked and nervous to work with these Hollywood legends. He added that the most surreal moments in his life was getting a shoulder rub from Freeman after a really stressful day.

Braff said these legends stop traffic in the street. He explained that there was also a scene where Caine and Freeman had to rob a bank with a scooter as the getaway vehicle.

Meanwhile, DeGeneres pointed out that she now sees the resemblance between he and Dax Shepard, who Braff says he gets mistaken for all of the time. The show posted photos of the two and the resemblance is actually there.

Later on Braff joked about his single man's fridge and got competitive in a Scooter Scurry race. You can check out all of the action in the videos below and catch Going In Style in theaters on Friday, April 7.

Zach Braff Talks Working With Michael Caine and More On The Ellen Show