YouTube Star Grav3yardgirl's Best 'Outfit Of The Day' Videos

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YouTube Star Bunny Meyer (aka Grav3yardgirl) is one freaky fashionista to love. Meyer stands out from the crowd of YouTube fashion vloggers with undeniably edgy style, and has cultivated a cult following with her quirky antics and playful personality.

Her look and style is a touch macabre, a touch creepy, and a lot of freakin' fabulous.

(Check out her page of fashion inspirations from her website to get a taste for what sparks this gal's stylish imagination.) Every so often, Bunny treats her fans to an "Outfit of the Day" video, often shot on site and featuring the cute ensembles she effortlessly threw together that date.

Sometimes its before she goes out shopping, other times its just for good fun, but all the time, its a refreshingly unique look.

Of all her fabulous Outfit Of The Day (OOTD) videos, here's a list of her best looks:

Betsey Johnson Cupcake Dress

Bunny rocks a gorgeous cream and black cupcake dress by Betsey Johnson paired with an asymmetrical, black Betsey Johnson corset-back jacket. She completed the look with a cream colored lace scarf, and described the whole outfit as a "western, Deadwood" vibe, with maybe a touch of Ichabod Crane.

After she took of her jacket, she showed a stunning jewelry piece she purchased from the Etsy shop, Victorian Sentiments. They sell authentic, memento mori jewelry, and the piece she wore dates from the late 1880s.

Dolls Kill!

One of the Bunny's favorite online boutiques is Dolls Kill.

She's adorned in a "badass" pair of black cut-off shorts she recently purchased from the boutique, and she paired them with Truly, Madly, Deeply leopard print shirt she got from Urban Outfitters.

Despite the wind causing some complications with the camera, Bunny looked gorgeously windswept.

Gothic Hipster

Before venturing out with her friend to get a bearded dragon, Bunny put on her Cosmic Lita's, by Jeffery Campbell. She paired them with black ankle socks, and rocked some black cut-offs, a sheer black button down, and a cream-colored hat from Urban Outfitters.

"It is way too hot to be wearing this," Bunny says, filming in the high heat of Texas. We think it was totally worth it.

The Mummy

Bunny likes to get dressed up to run errands. "I dress how I want, so I decided to throw on this $500 dress to go grocery shopping," she said.

You go girl.

She rocks it out with a casual messy up-do, glamorous silver statement necklace, and what she calls her "Mummy" dress.

It's a black gown made of "awesome, old, disgusting Mummy shroud fabric." This is the summer she says she decided to dress up as a monster-meets-1970s prostitute.

Shutter Island

While filming on location at an old, decrepit middle school, Bunny shows of her new birthday shoes: six inch black platforms. She pairs them with a thrifted black onesie, looking gorgeous enough to awkwardly catch the eye of a gaggle of children.

She also tells the story of Crazy Willy, a man in her town who walks around, and does nothing else.

He just walks "around and around and around and around and around." But he stopped to peel paint off of the rusty railings at the school. "And people think I'm crazy," Bunny said.

Velvet Helter Skelter

On a warm February day in Texas, Bunny rocked it out with an adorable messy top bun to accent her skirt + crop-top look. The white shirt is tied in the front and says "Helter Skelter", which she found at Shop Wasteland in Los Angeles, and paired with a velvet, burgundy skirt she got from

She told a childhood story about how kids used to tease her for her large teeth and her lips, and called her "Big Lips" until she cried.

Well, now she's got a world-class pucker, and dresses it up with some super dark red lipstick.

Camo, Tattoo Leggings and Creepers

On her way out to finish her holiday shopping, Bunny threw together a killer look. She tossed on her camo-print jacket from Urban Outfitters over an H&M t-shirt printed with a badass looking ram skull, which she randomly found in the men's section.

"I think it's uni-sexy," she said.

Beneath a pair of Forever 21 faux-leather shorts, she wore a pair of Romwe tattoo tights, adorned with pictures from the astrological chart.

To top it off, she wore a lovely bone bracelet for Lady Locks Creations, and is a tribute bracelet made of a cat rib bone.