You're Not Going To Believe What This Racist Russian Soccer Coach Said

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Globally soccer has had a problem with fans using racist chants. If your team plays in Russia however, being a racist is apparently okay.

Igor Gamula, the coach of Russian Premier League team FC Rostov said last week he will not sign black players and joked that Ebola had spread to the club (and, just so you don't miss the context, he was implying that black layers would spread the disease.

The coach told local media the club had "enough dark-skinned players, we've got six of the things" when asked in a post-match news conference Friday about rumors Rostov would sign Cameroon defender Benoit Angbwa.

The biggest issue here is not that the coach was racist, but that he could be so horrifyingly racist and keep his job.

Though the story has been reported around the world, neither the Russian Premiere League nor FIFA has called for Gamula's job.

At least Gamula won't be winning a league title anytime soon. Rostov sits in 14th place in the 16-team Russian league and Gamula has exactly one win in his four game coaching the team.

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