The Young Turks' Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian Open Up About Their Altercation With Alex Jones

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The Young Turks hosts Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian finally decided to speak publicly about the altercation they had with Alex Jones during the last night of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

In an emotional Young Turks' episode Tuesday evening, Cenk Uygur decided to address what happened when Jones and his crew stormed their live broadcast at the RNC.

In case you didn't see our coverage of the altercation between The Young Turks and Alex Jones, you can watch the video here:

Sitting with co-host Ana Kasparian, Uygur said that he felt he needed to tell The Young Turks' side of the story, because until now, Alex Jones has been taking advantage of The Young Turks' reticence by painting himself as the victim.

Ana Kasparian was in tears when she began discussing the incident and how she has been affected. She explained that the incident occurred on the last day of the Young Turks' broadcast at the RNC, and everyone was exhausted and tired.

While The Young Turks was on the air, Jones and his people stormed the set and began trying to provoke the hosts. At this point, Jones allegedly called Kasparian a "jihadi," and in response, Kasparian called Jones a "fat f---."

On The Young Turks show last night, Kasparian explained why she reacted as she did:

Here's the worst part...after what they did, they made their rounds with the media...They went from one media outlet to another...they ran with their narrative, they victimized us and then proceeded to play the victim.
There's this idea that as a public figure -- as someone who works in news -- especially if you're a woman, you have to be ladylike, you have to back down, be the bigger person, be the pacifist. I'm not a pacifist, okay? I don't have the resources that most female anchors who have as much exposure as me have
I don't have security...I'm out there and people can find me and people can do whatever...they want to me...It's scary to know that I don't have the right to defend myself.

Later in the show, Cenk Uygur explained how threatening the situation felt.

Several men came onto the set, and according to Uygur, the RNC security had no interest in keeping the peace, basically leaving The Young Turks to handle the situation themselves.

Uygur then explained the reason why he and Ana Kasparian decided to speak up at this point:

Over the weekend, a man confronted Kasparian while she and her fiance were walking their dog.

A verbal argument ensued, and the man grabbed Kasparian's phone and pushed her. What upset her most, though, were the responses to the incident, which attacked her mercilessly.

"There's no winning guys," Uygur said, "there's some people who have decided that 'I hate you and I don't care about anything you say...all I want to do is hurt you'....that is some percentage of our overall audience, and that's a hell of a f---ing beast to deal with."

He continued, "we have the downside of some level of fame, we gotta deal with that...sometimes now physically...but we don't have the upside of fame, we don't have the money...part of what money buys you is security...[so] at a minimum we're gonna stick together."

Uygur then discussed that it's impossible to win in situations like this:

No matter what we do some percentage of the audience will disagree, so that's where we are man.
Everyone who acted and everyone who didn't act are all guilty.
There are people who want to provoke you, and there's almost nothing you can do about it...Whether you react or don't react, you lose.

Watching the video, it seemed pretty clear to us that Alex Jones and his crew were the aggressors. What do you think? Take a look at the video and let us know.

Photo credit: Flickr user tytvault

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