Review: 'The Young Turks' on Fusion TV Premiere (Watch)

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The Young Turks (TYT) has finally returned to TV -- this time on the Fusion TV network. Should you set your DVR to record it? Here's our review.

The Young Turks on Fusion includes your favorite familiar TYT faces: Ana Kasparian, John Idarolla, and (at least for this episode) Cenk Uygur.

But it also includes people who are normally behind the camera on The Young Turks, such as Jayar Jackason, as well as Fusion host Nando Vila.

The show follows the hosts as they travel across the country -- to college campuses from USC to Harvard -- to talk to students about key issues.

It attempts to dispel the myth that millennials are lazy and unwilling to contribute to society.

The show is made up of a portion in front of a live audience, as well as pre-recorded interview segments.

This evening's episode began with the a discussion on what it's like to be a millennial, and it posed the question: are millennials actually better informed than older people, due to the availability of information on mobile phones and the Internet? The hosts agreed that they are.

So is The Young Turks on Fusion Worth Watching?

Both Ana Kasparian and John Idarolla did a great job hosting the live audience portion of the show.

This is Idarolla's first time hosting a TV show, since Cenk Uygur was the host of The Young Turks on Current TV, and neither he nor Kasparian appeared as hosts on MSNBC with Uygur.

Kasparian did fill in for Uygur on Current TV a few times, but this will be a new experience for her as well.

During this first episode of The Young Turks on Fusion, Kasparian's high energy and passion for the subjects was very much evident.

She and Idarolla moved through the topics smoothly, adding a lot of interesting and colorful commentary. Cenk Uygur also did a great job, although he's a veteran TV host, so that's not particularly surprising.

Jayar Jackson, who normally works behind the camera for the Young Turks, appears as a reporter on the Fusion show.

He does an excellent job talking to students on campus and interviewing them regarding their feelings about politics, the economy and their future.

The hosts aren't afraid to get controversial on the show: at one point Ana Kasparian asked "is this the last election for white America?" She noted that there are a lot of people who are scared that minorities are taking over -- an older generation of white Americans who want to see the country remain as they remember.

But she and the other hosts agreed that this group is declining in number and will be unable to affect elections over the long-term.

If there was one issue with The Young Turks on Fusion, it was the production quality. Although we know it can be difficult to produce a program on location, we felt that the video and audio seemed more like they belonged on a local public access show than a national TV network.

Also, the on-screen graphics were decidedly underwhelming. Given that The Young Turks does a very professional job of producing its online show, this was all quite a surprise.

Overall, though, The Young Turks on Fusion was interesting and brought a new viewpoint that you won't see in the mainstream broadcasts to TV. We're looking forward to the next 11 episodes.

You can see a large portion of the show below:

You can watch The Young Turks every Monday at 8pm ET on Fusion.

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