The Young Turks' Cenk Uygur Talks Secrets of Corporate Media (Watch)

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This past week, The Young Turks' Cenk Uygur was off from doing his flagship web show to attend the Sister Giant conference in Washington, D.C. At the conference, he spoke about Justice Democrats, Wolf-Pac, and The Young Turks. But one of the most interesting parts of the speech was when he exposed some secrets of the corporate media.

Cenk Uygur And MSNBC Secrets

In his speech, Uygur discussed his experiences of being shut up by the corporate brass at MSNBC. But he also revealed some other stories, which are not widely known.

One of the stories he told was that of former MSNBC rising star Ashleigh Banfield. After 9/11, Banfield gave a powerful speech questioning the wisdom of the Iraq war.

For that, she was removed from air -- but worse than that, MSNBC wouldn't let her out of her contract so she could go somewhere else.

Uygur also noted that the bosses at MSNBC put Banfield's office in a closet as a scare tactic.

Cenk Uygur also talked about how Bill Press and Pat Buchanan were fired from MSNBC for opposing the Iraq war. Uygur said that Press told him that the execs complained that he wasn't being patriotic enough.

And Uygur discussed Phil Donohue and Jesse Ventura, who were also shut down by MSNBC. According to Uygur's account, Ventura said that MSNBC wouldn't let him out of his contract -- they paid him millions of dollars to keep quiet.

The Young Turks and Miracles

The theme of Uygur's speech was "miracles." Uygur began the speech with a short tribute to his parents, who went from an olive farm in Turkey to owning businesses in the U.S. He talked about how they made "miracles" for his family, and for him.

He also spoke about another "miracle:" the growth of The Young Turks, despite the fact that nobody thought he could be successful with it.

The conference, which features such speakers as Bernie Sanders, Dennis Kucinich, and Alan Grayson, is a progressive gathering exploring the "intersection of spirituality and politics."

You can watch the video here:

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