The Young Turks' Cenk Uygur on Late Night with Seth Meyers: Lasagna, Bowties, and Bankruptcies (Watch)

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Cenk Uygur was on Late Night with Seth Meyers tonight to promote The Young Turks' new Fusion TV show, and they discussed a range of topics.

During the show, Cenk Uygur and Seth Meyers talked about Cenk's early years as a Republican, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and of course, Donald Trump.

First, Cenk discussed his start in TV as a Republican:

Let's be honest I was a dork...I wore a little bowtie.

No actually I didn't wear a bowtie, it wasn't that bad...but I did -- I literally held a pro-war rally.

We weren't having one and I was like, when are we going to go to war? I'm a Republican, let's invade something...It was during the Persian Gulf war and I see all these hippie liberals, [and I thought] let's go bomb some things.

And so during the rally and you know shows up? Fox. Back then there was no Fox News; there was local Fox, and they were like "you're for war?" We gotta have you on.

That was my first ever TV appearance.

Seth Myers then turned to Cenk Uygur's first TV show. Cenk said:

So I finish law school and a friend of mine said you should take this class on how to start your own TV show...I'm like that's mental there's no way that's true.

[So I went to the class] and I sat there for 45 minutes -- it was almost like from Trump University -- [and they told me] just go to your local public access and they have to give you your own TV show, legally.

So I was like there's "no way that's true." I'm already jingoistic and I'm like I love America and I'm like "but they can't give out TV shows."

So then I get a law job in Washington; I leave the first day early so I can take orientation at the local public access [station] like she told me in the learning annex course.

So I go down and I'm like I would like my own TV show. There were like here's your TV show...I'm like: "what this is?" Amazing. America is the greatest country ever.
I went on there and I went with three of my friends. The first show was an hour long: half on politics and half on philosophy.

Everybody else's like uhhh but I walked out thinking "yes, I nailed it!"

After this, Seth Meyers asks Cenk Uygur about his interactions with Bernie Sanders. Cenk responded:

The first time after one of his rallies in LA, we went to dinner together, and I got in the motorcade -- I was super cool -- and we get to cut through all the LA traffic... It was like the greatest thing that's ever happened to me...

I remember one time we were in Berkeley: we went to dinner again, and the place was going crazy. It was like Elvis was in the building...

[Another time] So we were at somewhat fancy restaurant in LA and it's like the first dinner and I'm like I wonder what he's going to order.

And I'm sitting right next to him, his wife is on the other side, and he looks at the menu -- looks at it and I'm like is he going with the gnocchi? What are we going to do here? And he was like, "do they have spaghetti and meatballs?" And [his wife] was like, "no, honey, they don't have spaghetti and meatballs." She was like, "they have lasagna," and he was like, "I'll take the lasagna."

They then talked Hillary Clinton, and Cenk said:

Yeah they're not to like this: no, I don't believe it. I'm not going to believe it until I see it.

I think it's just a ruse, like progressives and independents: "sure I'm against the TPP; Obama can you go ahead and pass it right away?"

I'll have to see it but I don't think she's a real progressive.

Finally, Seth Meyers asked Cenk Uygur about Donald Trump and his businesses, to which Cenk replied:

What's interesting is Republicans love failed businessmen George W. Bush couldn't make money in oil in Texas and Trump couldn't make money running casinos.

There's a saying the house always wins. (Laughter)

He bankrupted himself running three casinos...that's never been done before in American history. He is a record-breakingly bad businessman.

So one time he's applying for a loan from Deutsche bank and he's like I'm worth 3.5 billion...this is a loan you actually have to prove it, and so later in a deposition when they asked him why did you write 3 1/2 billion when you weren't even close to a billionaire, he was like I base that on psychology and my own feelings.

That's not a thing! You can't write "my own feelings" on a bank loan.

Here's the video:

Fusion TV The Young Turks' to Premiere Monday

The Fusion TV show that Cenk Uygur was promoting will be premiering the Monday.

The show will star Ana Kasparian and John Idarolla. It is currently planned to have 12 episodes and will be shot on different college campuses across the country.

The Young Turks posted a promo video for the show on Facebook, which you can watch below.

For more, you can see our article on The Young Turks on Fusion, and a New Online Show.

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