The Young Bucks And Cody Announce 'All Elite Wrestling' (AEW)

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WWE is going to have some more competition in the professional wrestling industry because wrestlers Cody and The Young Bucks have officially announced their own company called 'All Elite Wrestling' (AEW).

All Elite Wrestling was revealed on the latest episode of 'Being the Elite' showcasing the first ever logo and PPV event.

The first major event for the show is being called 'Double or Nothing' and it should be happening sometime later this year.

Ryan Satin from also heard from a reliable source that Cody will be the executive producer of AEW events while The Young Bucks will be bookers.

He also said that many WWE wrestlers are interested in joining the company due to being unhappy with their booking over there. Not to mention AEW will be a nice change of scenery.

Wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer also revealed recently that Chris Jericho is on the radar of being signed, although nothing official has been signed just yet.

The only name officially contracted to All Elite Wrestling is Cody which makes sense since he's one of the company's behind the scenes talent.

I'm hoping AEW can be successful because the current WWE product (aside from NXT) has been boring and stale recently. This new competition could keeping things interesting especially if they are able to sign new talent from around the world.

AEW could be successful because Cody and The Young Bucks were successful when they staged the 'All In' event by themselves last year.

Not to mention there are lots of fans that will like to see a change of scenery too.

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