You'll Never Believe How Much 'Cash Me Outside' Girl Is Worth

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Unless you've been under a rock for the last month, you know who 'Cash me outside' girl is.

But in case you don't, 'Cash me outside' girl, whose real name is Danielle Bregoli, became a reality star recently after appearing on the Dr. Phil show and talking about how she steals and gets into fights.

'Cash me outside' girl bragged on the show about how she stole cars and credit cards, and if anyone tried to punish her she would get violent.

In fact, she claims to have gotten into physical fights with her mother many times, and she also says she has physically damaged her house when she was angry.

You can watch the video of her on Dr. Phil here:

What really got 'Cash me outside' girl her fame was when she threatened to fight anyone in the audience (whom she called 'whores'). She stated to Dr.

Phil: "cash me bow dah." Dr. Phil did not understand what she was saying, but what she meant to say was "catch me outside, how about that?" Catch me outside means 'let's go outside and fight.'

'Cash me outside' girl was poor -- and used to steal to get things -- only a few months ago. But according to The Squander, that's all changed.

It appears that she has been raking in the dough from various appearances since her big break on Dr. Phil.

The Squander writes that she has a contract to be paid $40,000 for an appearance at the Rolling Loud Music Festival.

TMZ writes that she's now charging a minimum of $30,000 for each appearance. No word on whether you have to pay extra to 'cash' her outside.

In total, the site estimates that she is worth over one hundred thousand dollars at this point and will likely be worth over $1 million by the end of the year. That's a lot of 'cash.'

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