Yes, Omarosa Is Back! And Guess How Much She's Worth?

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It' been over decade since the world breathed a collective sigh of relief after Omarosa Manigault disappeared into the reality TV abyss. But now, she's back: Donald Trump has tapped her to be a public liaison for the White House.

Omarosa's Return

Omarosa Manigault made a name for herself as the "bad girl" on season 1 of Trump's The Apprentice.

Although she didn't win the show, she ended up arguably being the most prominent Apprentice alum.

After the show, she continued to associate with Donald Trump, working with him on TV productions and other projects, including the Celebrity Apprentice series, where she got into feuds with Piers Morgan and La Toya Jackson.

Since then, she's mostly been remembered as the fodder of late night talk show jokes -- until Trump's presidential run. Soon after Trump announced his run, Omarosa got on board.

At first, she was a surrogate, giving interviews about Trump's "enemies list" and telling the media that Trump would not lose.

As the Trump train gained steam, however, she became an official member of Team Trump, when The Donald tapped her to become his "African-American Outreach Director."

Now that Trump is President-Elect, Omarosa is being rewarded for her work by being named to a cushy job in the White House. We'll have to wait and see whether she selects Gary Busey or Piers Morgan as her assistant.

Omarosa Earns What?

According to The Squander, Omarosa is now worth nearly a cool $4 million.

The site reports that she was rumored to be making several hundred thousand dollars per year as a Trump consultant/outreach director, although it's not clear if that rumor was actually true.

The Squander also says that Omarosa made over $1 million in the sale of her dead ex's house, and has made money from TV shows and live appearances.

At under $10 million, Omarosa will be one of the poorest of Trump's inner circle members. Nevertheless, we expect her net worth to grow very rapidly -- especially if she follows other Washington insiders through the "revolving door" into high finance.

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