Yellowcard Releases 'The Hurt Is Gone' Official Music Video

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Will a little over a month away from the release of their final, self-titled album, Yellowcard releases a brand new music video for their single, "The Hurt Is Gone."

Alternative fans are rejoicing with another Yellowcard project on the way. The band has been delivering high intensity music from 2003's Ocean Avenue and are now giving their fans a preview of what's to come on their final album, Yellowcard.

"The Hurt Is Gone" is a little dialed back but still and incredible piece. It's one of two singles released from the Yellowcard album with the other being, "Rest In Peace." Both tracks relive the emotional sound that made the band so popular.

The fusion of rock with a violin blaring behind is their signature sound and it has continued to transcend a decade of alternative music lovers.

Both "Rest In Peace" and "The Hurt Is Gone" are exemplary examples of what the band is all about. You can check out the music video for "The Hurt Is Gone" below and look out for the final Yellowcard album on September 30.

Fans who want to to see the band for the last time can catch them on their final tour.

Yellowcard's "The Hurt Is Gone" Official Music Video