Ariana Grande Licks on Donuts and New Boyfriend

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Security footage from Wolfee Donuts shows Ariana Grande pulling pranks with her friends on the donuts. Girl, put that tongue back in your mouth.

(Video Below)

Grande and what looks to be new boy toy/back up dancer, Ricky Alvarez, can be seen daring each other to lick the donuts that are sitting out on the counter.

When they think no one is looking they get close to a certain donut and quickly lick it.

Hard to tell if their tongues actually make contact, the shop says it was definitely too close for their liking -- especially since Ariana pulled the stunt when no one was looking, and they would've tossed the contaminated donuts if they knew.

Disturbing, for future customers of the store if she did not in face buy those donuts afterwards.

They way she expressed her displeasure in the America when shown a new batch of donuts makes one think she did not. Then again, some people might actually shell out the big bucks for a donut licked by Grande.

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