WWE Superstar Neville May Have Quit The Company

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WWE Superstar Neville seems to have quit his job earlier this week. The former Cruiserweight Champion seemed to have been unhappy with the way he was getting booked lately and reportedly walked out of Monday Night Raw.

F4WOnline.com has confirmed that Neville indeed walked out of the company this week.

This is similar to how both Stone Cold Steve Austin and CM Punk walked out of the company in 2002 and 2014 respectively. Neville is said to have asked for his release, but WWE has yet to grant it to him.

The future for the professional wrestler in WWE is uncertain at the moment. WWE has denied that he has quit the company, but things don't look good.

Neville seems to have been unhappy with the recent direction. He had to lose the Cruiserweight Title to Enzo Amore, plus he criticized a recent t-shirt that the company put out for him.

Neville's departure could also be similar to when Austin Aries left the company a few months ago. Aries was annoyed that he had to be stuck in the Cruiserweight Division.

Both Neville and Aries were unable to wrestle against other members of the WWE roster.

All of the Cruiserweights have to fight each other on a weekly basis. This can get boring since they all end up facing the same people week in and week out.

I'm guessing Neville wanted to showcase his skills outside of the Cruiserweights, but WWE may not have given permission for him to do so.

The man did not appear on this week's Raw and 205 Live tapings. It might be just a matter of time until his departure is official, although it sounds like WWE wants to keep him for the time being.

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