WWE Smackdown Live Wrestler Big Cass Has Been Released

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A shocking real departure has been announced by the WWE today because it has been revealed that Big Cass has been released from the company as of today.

As of right now, a specific reason for his departure has yet to be revealed.

WWE itself made the announcement earlier today on WWE.com. All that they posted was the following message: "WWE has come to terms on the release of William Morrissey (Big Cass)."

The most interesting part is the fact that WWE did not wish him well in his future endeavors like they always do when a wrestler is let go from the company.

Whatever Big Cass did this week must have really annoyed someone powerful in the company.

Big Cass was already in hot water from WWE officials when he decided to go off-script during a segment on Smackdown Live.

He was only supposed to perform a big boot on a dwarf acting as Daniel Bryan, but Cass decided to be more violent and threw more punches at the performer.

While we still don't know reasons for his release, there has been speculation that Cass may have caused a fuss knowing that he was losing to Daniel Bryan again at the Money in the Bank PPV. Cass may have been angry over the decision and complained about being booked poorly.

WWE usually does not like it when wrestlers complain about their position in the company.

It's worth mentioning it was a mutual agreement to part ways so Cass himself may have been unhappy in his current state in the company as well.

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