WWE Is Ruining EC3 On The Main Roster Already

EC3 was one of the best wrestlers in Impact Wrestling when he wrestled for that company a few years ago. Now that he is on the main roster of WWE, they have ruined his blossoming career already!

EC3 used to wrestle in WWE's old version of NXT when he was called Derrick Bateman. As Bateman, EC3 did not do anything noteworthy whatsoever and he was eventually released from the company shortly afterward.

It wasn't until he came to Impact Wrestling did he become a main event player in the professional wrestling industry. This is because in the storyline, he was brought in to be the niece of then TNA president Dixie Carter.

With an awesome character change and several months in the gym, EC3 eventually became the TNA World Heavyweight Champion and facing the likes of top talent like Kurt Angle.

He also gained a lot of new fans when he assumed the new EC3 persona.

With TNA/Impact Wrestling losing a lot of money, EC3 decided he was ready to jump ship back to the WWE with his new persona. Many people believed this would have been a great move.

However now that EC3 is on the main roster wrestling on Raw, his career has gone to the toilet. The only victory he has on the main roster is one match against Dean Ambrose.

In the last few weeks, EC3 has been wrestling on the C show called 'Main Event' losing to the likes of low class talent such as Tyler Breeze and Apollo Crews just to name a few.

Sadly, this is a sign that Vince McMahon has no interest in EC3 whatsoever. Losing on Main Event is a death sentence and there's a strong chance EC3 is not getting a huge push on the main roster anytime soon!

The only thing fans can hope is if EC3 gets drafted over to Smackdown to rejuvenate his WWE career. Right now though, EC3 is already getting outshined by other talent such as Ricochet and Aleister Black.

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