WWE Owner Vince McMahon Returning The XFL Football League In 2020

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WWE Owner and Chairman Vince McMahon is giving legit sports another go before he retires as the XFL Football League will return in the year 2020. This is 19 years after he tried it the first time back in 2001.

McMahon had a lot to say during a press conference he held earlier today.

I had the chance to watch the announcement itself and he gave out many details on what we should expect to see from this revamped version of the XFL (Extreme Football League).

One of the mistakes last time in the XFL was that McMahon used his WWE stars to promote and market the sports league. McMahon promises there will be no WWE crossover in this 2020 version of the sport.

McMahon won't be using WWE Superstars to promote the league and no WWE commentators will call games either.

He wants to hire legit sports commentators and reporters so we won't be seeing any familiar WWE faces like JBL, Michael Cole or Renee Young.

He said that there will be eight teams in the first season, although he did not want to say which cities will be involved yet.

Presumably, the XFL should include cities that don't already have an NFL team of their own.

In terms of how to watch XFL games, McMahon was also pretty mute on the topic.

All he said is that there are more ways people can watch media these days so the new XFL could be streamed online, broadcast on traditional TV networks and more.

McMahon also said that the XFL will not be too political and denied any involvement of President Trump endorsing the league.

He also mentioned there will be rules and regulations, but wasn't clear if players will face fines if they do not stand for the national anthem.

McMahon hopes to start the league just after the NFL season ends in late January or early February so people can watch American Football all year long.

He does not feel the XFl will saturate the market as he says he's done a lot of research and people want to see more football.

Vince also claimed that he wanted to bring back the league for a few years now and it wasn't a decision he made to capitalize on the current ratings drop that the NFL has recently been experiencing.

Lastly, McMahon intends to still do his daily WWE operations so there will be no changes to the current professional wrestling product thus far.

How he will be able to juggle two jobs is anyone's guess, but McMahon rarely sleeps so he will do everything he can to run both companies.

Judging from today's announcement, the new XFL in 2020 and the WWE will be separate entities and no crossover will be taking place.

It will also introduce a new faster game of American Football and should attract fans like Homer Simpson who loved the first 2001 season of XFL.

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