WWE: John Cena Reveals Advice Given To Him By Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

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A few years ago, John Cena and Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson were adversaries both inside and outside the wrestling ring with the former criticizing the latter for ignoring the wrestling business.

Now the two are good friends and Cena shared some advice that was given to him by Mr Johnson.

Both John Cena and The Rock have similar career paths.

Both stars first got famous wrestling in the WWE before they went on have successful careers in Hollywood. During an interview with 'The Floor Seat', Cena revealed some advice that The Rock gave him juggling more than one career path.

"The Rock has been genuine enough to tell me to be myself. I think it was great advice. It came right at a time when I needed it. I tried some movies before, and they weren’t really successful. The reason I was doing those movies was trying to create a business model. Then I looked back at myself and realized I just like telling stories. He gave me some pretty cool advice at unbelievable timing. He said: ‘Hey man, they’re going to like you, or hate you, for you. Be yourself. At least that way at the end of the day you’ll feel good about your body of work."

John Cena has since apologized to the Rock for the infamous comments he made about The Rock's commitment to wrestling back in 2009. Now the two are friends since both of them are doing the same thing.

After starring in Bumblebee and several other movies, John Cena is currently back in the WWE presumably to get ready for whatever match he will be in for WrestleMania 35 season.

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