WWE Creative Is Starting To Upset Many Wrestlers

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Professional wrestling is a tough business because you are only successful if the front office allows you to shine on the big stage.

Sadly, morale in the WWE locker room is starting to go down with many wrestlers wanting to leave the company altogether.

This started a couple of months ago with many wrestlers requesting to be released.

Guys like Alberto Del Rio, Ryback, Jack Swagger, Austin Aries and Cody Rhodes have all left the company due to them not being happy with their status in the company.

We can go back even further than that and highlight CM Punk as another example too.

Recently however, there have been reports of more wrestlers wanting to leave the company.

Neville reportedly walked out of Raw earlier this month unhappy with the way he has to stay in the Cruiserweight Division. WWE is hoping to persuade Neville to stay, but things aren't looking good.

Neville's position is similar to that of Austin Aries. Austin Aries left the company earlier this year as he too wasn't happy with the state of the Cruiserweight Division.

Unlike Neville, Aries was granted his release quite quickly. It might be only a matter of time until Neville is gone.

Now there are reports that Nia Jax is unhappy too. Nia Jax was built to be a huge monster in the Women's Division, but sadly she hasn't made much of an impact on the main roster.

She has yet to get a title run and her booking has been inconsistent. Nia Jax has not left the company yet, but she has had permission to get an extended leave of absence.

Furthermore, some unnamed wrestlers in the WWE lockerroom have contacted Cody Rhodes for advice on the independent scene.

Cody Rhodes left last year and is actually earning more money wrestling around the world than he was working in the WWE. Rhodes is living proof that professional wrestling is still alive outside of the WWE.

My guess is that guys like Dolph Ziggler, Zack Ryder, Bray Wyatt and maybe Apollo Crews are unhappy with their positions in WWE. All of these guys have potential, but WWE has been booking them very poorly. It will be interesting to see what happens in the near future if more wrestlers decide to quit.

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