Wrestling Star Cody Rhodes Wants Tougher Gun Ownership Rules In America

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The talk about stricter gun control in America has increased mainly due to yet another tragic shooting at a school recently.

Despite all of the recent tragedies, the politicians of the US still refuse to make any laws to prohibit or limit the sale of assault rifles in the company.

Many celebrities have spoken out about the topic recently and professional wrestler Cody Rhodes wants to see something done. He wrote on Twitter that both gun control and mental health should be tackled in order to improve the country. 

Why not tackle mental health AND our absurd guns laws? Anybody who has traveled abroad has seen we are one of the very very few places with protected and excessive availability to guns. It's embarrassing.

Somebody broke down the requirements for ownership in Japan to me the other day. Mental health & firearms training...if you want a gun, you have to jump through a lot of hoops and it's a deterrent to dangerous people. I think we should have those hoops.

Currently, it's relatively easy to own a gun in America unlike in other countries where a lot of barriers are in place to prevent so many people from buying guns.

Alas all of the tragic shootings still aren't enough to convince some lawmakers from changing the rules.

US President Donald Trump still thinks guns are not to blame and feels mental health is the main cause. Still, Cody Rhodes is reasonable by saying both issues should be tackled in order to make schools and communities safer for everyone.

Hopefully something changes in America for some type of change to be made in the near future. Both guns and mental health need to be improved.

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