World Cup Obsessed Celebrities: Wyclef Jean, Lebron, Phelps and More

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This World Cup has been particularly exciting. Spain, who won four year ago, is out, England is all but eliminated and celebrities across Twitter are showing their own world cup obsessions.

The popular blogging platform has been flooded with Tweets from Lebron James, Michael Phelps, and Olivia Munn. The biggest celebrity fan? Wyclef Jean, who has tweeted almost exclusively about the world cup ever since it started.

He more or less gives a live recap of the game no matter who is playing.

Wyclef might want to look into a new career as a soccer broadcaster. Whereas the previously mentioned celebrities are mostly tweeting about the U.S team, Wyclef seems to be more interested in the World Cup as a tournament, not focusing on any one team.

He has also created a Spotify playlist for the event which he tweeted about on Thursday.

As the world cup pushes along, we should all be thankful for the huge excitement this tournament brings.

In years past, most games had no more than 1 goal as the final tally, but this time around we see 5-1, 4-0 and for soccer, this is huge fun. Keep tweeting everyone!