Women: The Real Losers Of Sony Pictures Cyber Attack

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Sony Pictures has been having a historically bad three weeks.

As the target of a massive cyber attack at the hands of a group that calls itself "Guardians of Peace," the corporation has been on the defensive end of an unbelievable PR nightmare that involves leaked content, salaries, and private emails.

The relentless hackers are believed to be from North Korea, as one of their demands is to stop the release of "The Interview," where the comedic plot revolves around assassinating Kim Jong-Un.

One of the biggest losers of this scandal, despite the many that are involved, is Sony co-chairman Amy Pascal.

Many news reports have chosen to focus on Pascal's words about several high-profile celebrities regardless of the similar words of bad taste from those engaging in conversation with her; the headlines are all the same and Amy Pascal is always the one named.

An example fromThe Daily Mail reads, "Sony Chief Amy Pascal calls Leonardo DiCaprio 'despicable' as fellow Sony exec insults Will Smith's children in new emails."

While Pascal indeed did refer to DiCaprio as despicable after expressed disappointment in him backing out as the lead in the Jobs biopic, Tom Rothman, a name rarely mentioned in headlines, hit directly below belt when he took a swipe at the Smith children. Rothman, who is in charge of the TriStar Productions label for Sony, sent Sony president Doug Belgrad an interview Jaden and Willow Smith did with the New York Times and took a jab at the fact the pair is home-schooled and joking that this will "date" movies with them included.

Equally if not more offensive than Pascal's harsh adjective for Leo, as Rothman included minors and poked fun at their upbringing. He has yet lead headlines for his words.

Another loser at the hands of the hacks is Jennifer Lawrence. Lawrence is undoubtedly still recovering from a separate and unrelated cyber attack earlier this year that leaked hundreds of nude photographs from myriad celebrities, one of the victims being her. Nearly a hundred nude images of the star flooded the internet this past August, and Lawrence is once again the subject of leaked documents this December.

It has been revealed through emails Lawrence's paycheck for her role in American Hustle, and that both her and her co-star Amy Adams made two percent less each than the male actors opposite them.

This has started a conversation about the grossly disproportionate salaries of women and men workers within the Sony corporation and once again catapulted Lawrence back into the spotlight as a victim.

While there is no defending of Pascal's insensitive comments, especially a racially-charged reference to President Obama's taste in movies (Django?), she has not acted alone. It is also to be told that Pascal had an adored and admired reputation throughout the industry before this.

While men are expected to be cut-throat, calculated and cold, women are held to a different kind of standard that can also be tied to why there is disproportion in pay.

Pascal represents in her crucifixion in the media an individual that is bearing the brunt of criticism of both hers and others' bad behavior because she is a woman in power, and Jennifer Lawrence's paycheck separately symbolizes this.