Woman Shows Perfect Technique for Getting on A Dingy Over the Age of 50

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If you happen to be over 50-years-old and have trouble getting on to a dingy, this woman in the video below has what may be the most perfect technique possible.

In a video posted to the Funny Football Moments YouTube channel a couple of days ago, a woman can be seen hanging out in the water and instructing others on how to get into a dingy.

The woman instructs her listeners to find two holders that are close to each other and remember that you will being going in backwards.

She continued to tell the listeners that your head would be in the way so, the solution is to hold your breath, tuck your head under water and roll in backwards. She effortlessly entered the dingy is grand fashioned and went on about how simple and easy it was. The video showed up on Reddit and has slowly been going viral.

Being over 50 is a point where people tend to slow down a bit especially when it comes to outdoor or water activities other than a simple swim. However, this just goes to show you that you can do anything at any age and make it look as bad ass as ever.

You can check out the video below.

Watch the Perfect Technique for Getting into A Dingy