Woman Reunited With Her Missing Dog After 5 Years

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Imagine losing a pet that you've spent so much time caring for and loving with the love reciprocated by that animal.

Then the same pet goes missing for five years and is magically returned to you. That was the story of Jessica Gutierrez and her dog Cookies.

(Video Below)

According to an ABC News report, after five years of being missing about 1,000 miles away from home, Gutierrez and her dog Cookies were reunited.

Cookie is a teacup poodle who seemed extremely happy to be back in her owners arms in the video below.

"Gutierrez left the dog with her sister in New Mexico because she had to leave for military duty in Afghanistan, ABC affiliate KMBC-TV reported. But during her deployment, the dog vanished," according to ABC.

"Somehow, Cookies turned up in San Diego. The dog was identified by its microchip and returned to Kansas City on a flight."

This is one of many instances where a microchip has allowed an owner to be reunited with their lost pet. Now Gutierrez and Cookies can finally enjoy life together once again. Check out the touching reunion below.

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