Woman Outsmarts Robbers With Quick Thinking

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Ever so often you'll come across a video on Reddit that really shows how quick thinking can save your life or someone else.

The video below that shows a woman avoiding being robbed in the smartest manner and it's pretty astounding.

(Video Below)

The video was posted to the 101 News Videos YouTube Channel today and surfaced on Reddit not too long after. It's very impressive because in this situation many would not think to act in the manner that she did.

Most might panic and end up begging and pleading or just giving up all of their valuables. Not this woman.

"Argentina robbers on motorcycle try to steal woman possessions," read the caption of the video. "Woman throws bags over house gate to defend attempted robbery."

According to the title of the video the attempted robbery took place in Buenos Aires. The woman saw the robbers approaching and realized that the destination she was heading to has a very high gate.

So, she proceeds to throw all of her belongings over the gate which would mean that the robber could either climb the gate and get the valuables or run away.

This woman literally turned a robber away and some might say she's worthy of a "Thug life" video in her honor.

Watch the woman foiling the robbers plan below.