Woman Interrupts Male Reporter With Explicit Comment

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As a reporter looking over your shoulder has become more of a frequent task not because of danger but because of fans who are trying to get some camera time.

One woman interrupts a male reported to say the famous words, "f**k her right in the p***y," with a bit of twist.

(Video Below)

It's becoming harder to do your job if you're a reporter over the past two years. The phrase "f**k her right in the p***y" has been an increasing nuisance to reporters all over and in the video titled, "A Male Reporter is Interrupted By A Girl on Live TV," one girl actually takes it one step further.

This poor reporter has a double dose as the occupants of a vehicle driving by says "FHRITP" out loud scrambling the reporter's brains. He apologizes but another culprit approaches.

A young female runs up grabs the microphone from the reporter and says, "f**k me right in the p***y." Not one but two cases of "FHRITP" actually plague this reporter making it hard for co-workers back in the studio to refrain from laughing their heads off. No one in the studio can keep their composure after what happens and the video cuts before it can go any further.

It's not just men trying to have a good time and get some camera shine, women are breaking into this trend as well. Check out the hilarious video below.

Watch the hilarious video below.