Wiz Khalifa Takes Sebastian On A Play Day: 'This Is What I'm Really Good At'

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Often times the media is concerned about Wiz Khalifa's relationships, who he has on the background of his phone and how much weed he smokes.

However, what's not highlighted is how seriously he takes fatherhood.

Yesterday four photos were posted to Khalifa's Instagram page and each of them he looks the happiest he's ever been. Why? Because he's in the presence of his son doing the thing that he says he's good at.

From the day he was born, Khalifa has always put Sebastian first and his social media accounts prove that. Below is the first of the photo's posted with the caption reading, "This is what I'm really good at."

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The second photo captures Khalifa and little Sebastian spending some time on the slides and you've gotta admit, Sebastian looks like he's ready for action, though Khalifa looks on a bit reluctantly.

Despite the rumors that continue to build over Amber Rose and Machine Gun Kelly, one thing has remained stagnant and that's Khalifa's ability to overlook what's going on in Rose's personal life and focus on his son.

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Say what you want about Khalifa. He smokes too much, parties too much etc. but at the end of the day he spends and makes time for his son something that is crucial to the development of a child.

Having a father figure present is the first step but having him continue to show his love and support is even greater.

The final photos prove that Khalifa puts his son above everything and everyone. There are plenty of good father influences in the rap game and Khalifa stands out as one of the best right in today's day and age.

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The reason why I'm aight and he's the coolest guy on earth.

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