Wiz Khalifa Smokes Heavy In NYC, Missing Sebastian: 'Somebody Else' Remix Featuring Usher

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He normally smokes everywhere he goes anyway but Wiz Khalifa announces his list of "to do's" while in New York City all while showing how much his son Sebastian means to him.

(Audio Below)

Khalifa posted the tweet above showing how much Sebastian is on his mind where ever he goes. Simple reminders like eating goldfish show just how much Khalifa cares about his son. Recently Khalifa and his ex Amber Rose have been in the media for wanting to build their family back to what it was before their split.

With Sebastian on Khalifa's mind, chances are they want to do the right thing for their son. Today reports by TMZ suggest that Khalifa raps about wanting Rose back in the remix of Rico Love's "Somebody Else" also featuring Usher.

Meanwhile, Khalifa continues to be that pot-smoking rapper that everyone has come to love and New York will get to see him in all the reefer-smoking glory. He also took some time to share his to do list while in New York which includes, eating ox tail, smoking and making plays.

It would be nice to see wether or not those plays include another influx of music.

He's still running of the success of "See You Again" featuring Charlie Puth. The song was highly popular for being featured in the "Furious 7" film mainly highlighting a tribute to fallen actor Paul Walker.