Wiz Khalifa Skips the VMA's to Work on 'Rolling Papers 2'

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While your favorite artists were watching Miley Cyrus push the limits of near nudity on television and Justin Bieber's emotional return, Wiz Khalifa was busy cooking up some heat for "Rolling Papers 2" and from the sound of it, it's going to be epic.

Wiz Khalifa stole the show in 2015 with his track "See You Again" featuring Charlie Puth. It became one of the years biggest hits and quite frankly opened up more doors for Khalifa, not that he didn't have any open already.

After touring with Fall Out Boy on the "Boys of Zummer," Khalifa started settling down and later on teased "Rolling Papers 2." Now instead of continued public appearances Khalifa is back in the place he says he belongs according to his latest Instagram post, the studio.

Back where I belong.

A photo posted by Wiz Khalifa (@mistercap) on

From the sounds of the recent snippet he posted to Twitter, Khalifa is back in prime form for "Rolling Papers 2." Production wise there is a classic sound to the the track which remains unknown. Khalifa's verse is pretty heavy and he seems prime and ready to give fans another body of successful work.

Khalifa has remained one of Hip-Hop's most popular acts that somehow flies a bit below the radar unless there is a scandal surrounding him.

However, he remains faithful to music, his son Sebastian and his fans and we're all taking notice of that.