Is Wiz Khalifa Sending More Shots Towards Amber Rose? 'Natural A** Please'

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Rapper Wiz Khalifa made the news yesterday when a new Juicy J track "For Everybody" surfaced featuring Khalifa and Rock City, that sounded as if he was sending shots at Amber Rose.

Today Khalifa post a tweet that seems like another shot at Rose.

In his tweet Khalifa is asking for "natural ass," could this suggest that Rose isn't sporting a natural booty? Even more interesting is the fact that the tweet came just a day after the new track surfaced where he raps, "I fell in love with a stripper, Funny thing is I fell back out of love quicker. They don't pay attention to the love anyway.

They only concerned with what the haters say. Bottles be turning these girls into THOTS. Instagram turning these wives into hos."

Khalifa followed with another tweet using the hashtag, #aslongasitjiggles. It's never clear who Khalifa is addressing unless his son is involved or there is a mention of a stripper, Rose's previous occupation years ago.

He has continued to show how much he cares about his son and is still seeking more custody over Sebastian. Until he starts throwing names around it's safe to assume that Khalifa may just be voicing his preference here.