Wiz Khalifa Releases New Music Video 'The Play' Featuring His Son Sebastian

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Earlier today Wiz Khalifa teased a new music music to be released and he delivers with the new song and music video titled, "The Play."

(Video Below)

The Harry Fraud produced "The Play" features a sample from a one woman band by the name of Bat For Lashes. The sample is from a song titled, "Moon and Moon." "The Play" is an amazing song from Wiz Khalifa where he raps about the crew he runs with.

He speaks of the struggle while he was coming up to being one of the biggest names in Hip-Hop today.

The music Video features Khalifa's son Sebastian and shows the father and son spending time together. Some of the shots were teased on his Instagram earlier this week and now we know what Khalifa was really working on. Khalifa continues to produce solid music for his fans and "The Play" is no different.

There are rare references to weed in this song but it's still done in a fashion on Wiz Khalifa can do it.

It's great to see Khalifa also displaying how serious he takes his fatherly duties and spending time with his son while he brings fans new music.

Watch "The Play" Music Video below.