Wiz Khalifa Posts Nude Photo In Shower: Might Be Losing It?

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Well it looks like rapper Wiz Khalifa is off his rocker completely after the Amber Rose divorce. Khalifa posted a nude photo where he censored himself by covering up his goods with his hands.

The photo shows the purpled haired pot-smoker in a shower giving himself a shower with what looks to be either water of champagne of some sort.

The photo was actually taken by the Taylor Gang photographer Dan Folger and it is very risky even for Khalifa.

From blowing money in strip clubs and going through a crazy phase, it looks like Khalifa is dealing with his divorce from Amber Rose in a very unique way.

Is this behavior clear signs that Khalifa might just be losing it, or does it mean that he is completely past Rose and is living a life he always wanted to live? Either way, now that "The Big Secret Tour" is over it looks like he is finding other ways to keep himself occupied. Khalifa went from completely clothed sporting a big fur coat to his birthday suit in a matter of days.

Prior to posting the photo on Instagram, Khalifa tweeted, "Certain moments in life come and go.

& That's why we capture them and make them last forever." His tweet suggested a photo of a great moment but this is one fans may not have seen coming at all.

Cozy boy.

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