Wiz Khalifa Or Mac Miller Who Reps Pittsburgh Harder?

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He may have the song "Black And Yellow," but Wiz Khalifa seems to be slacking when it comes to repping Pittsburgh leaving the task up to Mac Miller another PA native.

With "The Under The Influence Of Tour," taking care of his son Sebastian and being hit with a divorce from his former wife Amber Rose, it seems like Khalifa doesn't have quite time to rep his hometown.

The song "Black And Yellow" paid homage to Pittsburgh and their NFL team the Pittsburgh Steelers but lately Khalifa is sporting purple hair and smoking a lot heavier.

Instead of promoting the team and his town, Khalifa is preoccupied with other things.


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@snoopdogg @sd_bullies family first ya dig

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Miller on the other hand continues to support Pittsburgh and the Steelers heavily on social media. If you look at his Instagram page this Sunday alone Miller attended the game with the Steelers demolished the Indianapolis Colts 51-34.

In the month of October Miller has a total of three Instagram posts dedicated to the Pittsburgh Steelers alone.

He also posts at least one tweet about Steeler's games on Twitter which shows that he actually watches the majority of the games to show his support.

Here We Go

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Here We Go

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So at this point while Khalifa has the Pittsburgh anthem, it looks like Miller has the upper hand when it comes to hometown pride and repping Pittsburgh to the fullest. A lot of rappers claim to rep their hometown to the fullest but only a few manage to keep that notion going through the entirety of their career.

There is a solid chance that Khalifa is just trying to figure his life out at the moment but in the meantime Miller looks to be holding down the hometown repping.

Fans of the song may find this video of some old folks partying to it very amusing.

Check out the video below.