Wiz Khalifa Looks His Most Calm On 'The Eric Andre Show'

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The Eric Andre Show looks to be on the rise for Adult Swim and while rapper Wiz Khalifa has been a little out of character lately, his appearance on the show might have been the most normal fans have seen him in a while.

(Video Below)

Khalifa has recently been photographed naked in a bathroom and out with Miley Cyrus and Dan Bilzerian at Art Basel Miami.

Now, he appeared as a guest of Eric Andre's insane talk show where he tried to stay calm despite all of the madness around him.

When Andre asks Khalifa if he could join him on stage he is denied and it didn't seem to fit right with him at all.

Andre then begins smashing his entire set, punching a naked man and then proceeds to smash his already smashed desk.

The entire interview was so strange that fans might not be surprised Khalifa was a part of it, however, Khalifa remained calm the entire time even when asked if he gets a sense of "Khalifa when he takes a Wiz."

Watch the entire interview below.

About The Eric Andre Show:

"The Eric Andre Show is Adult Swim's highest budget late night talk show. That budget is mostly spent on new sets and Eric Andre's copious legal fees from his avant-garde street pranks.

Aside from pranks, Andre and cohost Hannibal Buress interview all of your favorite celebrities from yesteryear. Check out every episode of The Eric Andre Show now on AdultSwim.com." - Adult Swim