Is Wiz Khalifa Looking For Love? Tweets About 'Smashing' & Ginuwine Album

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If you're a rapper, chances are you don't have a shortage of women trying to get your attention, however, Wiz Khalifa's most recent tweets show that he might be reaching for some female companionship.

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa fooled us with a photo of the two together with his son Sebastian as she then jumped into a relationship with Cleveland rapper Machine Gun Kelly.

Now it looks like Khalifa may be on the prowl after his most recent tweets.

His tweets started out a bit on the negative note where he rolls a joint for him and another companion, however, he ended up having to enjoy it all on his own. Then, Khalifa references "smashing" a female before his Uber arrives.

In today's society we all know what the term smashing means and it looks like Khalifa may have his sights set on someone. Or, we could all be fooled once again and they could be lyrics to his next song.

Either way, it does seem as if Khalifa is in a mood because prior to the tweets about smashing came one that pays homage to one of the R&B greats Ginuwine and his famous album "100% Ginuwine." Khalifa praised the album and it's title but if you've ever listened to the album you know it's full of sexually explicit songs.

So you be the judge is Khalifa trying to gain the attention of some females or is he just going through the motions.

Fans who want to get a chance to see Khalifa perform as DJ Daddykat can see him perform at the Argyle in Hollywood tonight June 2.

Tomorrow night in Hollywood.

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