Wisdom teeth Video: 'A Giant Leap For Womankind' Hilarious AFV, 'We Have To Get Gas For The Spaceship'

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It looks like yet another visit to the dentist turns into a hilarious video containing a delirious rant from a young girl who wants to rewrite history and go to the moon in "A Giant Leap For Womankind."

(Video Below)

"In this hilarious prize-winning clip from AFV, a girl on her way home from wisdom-teeth surgery makes the generous offer to go to the moon as a giant leap for all of womankind!" read the caption of the video posted to the America's Funniest Home Videos YouTube Channel.

"They just need to stop for gas for the spaceship first..."

The video was uploaded yesterday and found it's way to the front page of Reddit, big shocker there.

In the video this one girl demands that they gas up the spaceship so that she can go to the moon which will enable them to demote the giant steps of mankind to "two small steps for mankind and one giant leap for womankind."

Wisdom tooth extractions make for some of the most hilarious viral videos on the internet and this one is just too funny to pass up. There are some good points made by the patient as she insists that not everyone on the planet is a man.

The big kicker in it all is the justification for gassing up where the patient says, "It's ok. The gas is cheap now. The gas is under three dollars so we can do it."

It really doesn't get any better than this when it comes to funny videos that follow wisdom tooth extractions. They have been a staple on the internet including one previous one of a kid who proclaimed that he was leaking.

Watch the entire video below.