Will Smith Talks Lions, Collateral Beauty and More On The Ellen Show

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With Collateral Beauty just over a week away from its release, Will Smith paid The Ellen Show a visit to chat abut wild lions in his neighborhood and much more.

It was just as awesome as you would imagine it to be.

As Smith and DeGeneres sat down, the host said she had to talk about something because she thinks Smith might be confused.

DeGeneres revealed that Smith thinks there is a lion in his neighborhood.

She tried to show two different photos of a mountain lion and lion and Smith still believes that what he saw on his security camera was a real lion.

They rolled some of the footage and Smith very plainly said "you see one of them jokers in Kenya." Smith said it was 25-yards away from his bed. Smith said immediately he put the kids on punishment and called the ranger.

The actor said the ranger confirmed that it was a lion with DeGeneres still in disbelief. Smith said there was a baby and a 200-pound older version.

He said he only found out about it the next day and the ranger said you had to purchase lion urine, which Smith purchased at $38.99 a gallon. He explained the process of spreading the urine around the house.

Later on in the show, DeGeneres also challeneged Smith to take as many selfies as he could in 60 seconds.

You can watch the highlights from Will Smith's interview on The Ellen Show in the videos below. Collateral Beauty opens in theaters everywhere on December 16.

Will Smith Talks Lions, Collateral Beauty and More On The Ellen Show

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