Will Pokémon Go Launch Generation 2 On Christmas Day?

If there is anything to be known about the Pokemon Go app, it's that they love to spring some surprises on fans for the holidays.

They have already introduced a new set of baby Pokemon from the second generation of the series, along with a special holiday version of Pikachu and when evolved, Raichu.

However, could NianticLabs be saving their best update for two of the biggest holidays of the year?

If NianticLabs and their Pokemon Go app wanted to shock their users, they may be throwing off every player with the possible signs in their coding.

It's very well possible that the company could have all of the necessary coding done to implement the second generation of Pokemon and some of the Legendary Pokemon.

There is no information from the company or app that proves that fans will even get new Pokemon this year.

That being said, with all of the hype surrounding the game and the excitement of opening new gifts on Christmas morning, what if players opened their app to a new generation of monsters?

Let's take this even further, what if at midnight on New Year's Eve, the company decides to unleash a slew of Legendary Pokemon in an event style way that would give you a shot at catching one of the monsters? These are all release implementations that should be strongly considered.

Given the app and it's developer's love to celebrate the holiday with special events, we're predicting a possible bombardment of new content in the app for the last epic celebrations of the year.

We could be very wrong, but we're hoping for the sake of the loyal Pokemon Go fans that we get at least a small portion of this right.

Do you have thoughts on the Pokemon Go surprises to come? We'd love to hear them.