Will MTV's Catfish Not Get Picked Up For 4th Season?

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When the documentary 'Catfish' was released in 2010, it was something of an overnight sensation.

The story of a handsome guy falling in love with a beautiful girl over the internet which turns out to be a pretty sad older woman looking for excitement.

Compelling stuff. No doubt it makes an interesting TV show, which is why MTV launched 'Catfish: The TV Show' in 2012 featuring the same people.

When Catfish was picked up for season 3, the question became, what story-lines will it be this time? The problem, of course, is that the story of 'catfishing' can only really be done so many times. So the season has been slugging along and it's clear that the show is struggling to keep the story lines interesting. The hosts are starting to do strange and dramatic things like throw a persons phone into a river and storm out of a confrontation.

Each seemed well rehearsed. But no matter, reality shows do it all the time.

The other big problem here is the numbers. According to TV By The Numbers, the viewership for the show has been dropping steadily.

Starting at 2.05M for the premiere, to now 1.36M for the latest episode. Compare that with shows like the Rob Dyrdek clip show 'Ridiculousness' which does around 1.3M on average, the story doesn't seem too bad.

However, the decline in every episode shows a clear trend and more importantly, the story-lines are becoming painfully boring and unrealistic. At the very least, the show will probably get a time slot change.

Sadly, the shows concept has run its course.

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