Will The Mad Men Finale End With A Bang?

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It's been a long journey in the mid-century Manhattan ad world. So how will Mad Men end? Well for one thing, Don Draper is on a whole other planet since the series began.

Starting as a rising star, he is now marginalized in the company he founded and he has gone through one divorce and another on the horizon.

All the other characters have all transformed rather well, most notably Peggy, who despite her insecurities towards Don remains a strong and creative business woman. If you've been watching the show from the beginning, you've speculated how they will decide to end it.

These are career people, so it's not as if the logical conclusion of "retirement" is a possibility. Instead, it is likely that the show will end fairly open, with everyone still working.

So let me offer one of two finale scenarios:

Option #1 - Don and Peggy leave and open up their own shop on the west coast
Don has been marginalized and even though Peggy is doing fairly well, she is unhappy in her personal life. So a logical argument could be made that Peggy will extend the first idea to leave and start over...

and Don will run with it. Don would then be back with Meghan (happy ending there), and Peggy would have a renewed chance at a happy life.

The final scene could be the two of them sort of half smiling, and then they both pick up the phone. It leaves it very open to the imagination.

Option #2 - Sterling Retires, But Everything Stays Roughly The Same
This is the much more disappointing and likely scenario. It doesn't feel like "going out with a bang" is a realistic way to end the show. Sure they could fire people, move some things around and have Don and Peggy hook up (yea right), but it would end it with everyone being in the same place.

As sad as this finale would be, it could be the way to end things. As business people living their lives, it doesn't make sense to pull the rug out from everyone.

Bottom line is that this show is ending at a good time. They could continue to drag it out, but that would be a disservice to the series.

After 7 seasons, Mad Men will be shutting down and all our beloved characters are leaving with it.

Much like Breaking Bad, this show is ending at the top of an arc. Let's just hope the finale is a whole lot better than Dexter.