Will Mac Miller Rhymes and Metro Boomin Beats Blend Well?

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When Mac Miller covered Billy Joel's "Vienna" there were a few skeptics but there is no way that anyone will question how well his rhymes will mesh with Metro Boomin beats.

The real answer could come some time later on in the year.

Much of the hip-hop industry have been taking to Metro Boomin's trap beats like they did to Lex Luger's bass heavy and intense beats a few years back.

He was also responsible for a couple huge projects in 2015 such as Future's DS2 and Drake and Future's What A Time To Be Alive. Recently, Mac Miller took to Twitter to let fans know that he would be receiving a Metro Boomin beat pack and he believed that his "future" existed in it.

Metro Boomin's trap beats shouldn't be a problem for Miller who has rhymed over similar production in the past. Miller is also a very versatile artist who knows how to create hits.

His most recent album GO:OD AM was a masterpiece and quite frankly one of his best projects to date.

It's not quite clear if the beat pack means a collaborative effort between the two or if Miller is just going to spread out the tracks through other projects.

Either way it could mean some new Mac Miller music is coming in 2016.