Will Kanye West Respond to the CyHi The Prynce 'Diss' Track?

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Yesterday CyHi The Prynce released "Elephant In The Room," a track that clearly throws shots at Kanye West, Pusha T, Teanna Taylor, Def Jam and even a reference to Big Sean so the question remains.

Will Kanye West reply to the diss track?

(Audio Stream Below)

In "Elephant In The Room," CyHi The Prynce Raps:

Hey Ye, do you know what it feel like
To really be signed to you in real life?
Have you ever wrote a song
And you know you about to say something wrong but you still right?

(What the f**k CyHi what are you doing this for?)
Cause nobody want to listen to the kid rap
OK, my n***a Pusha shit snap
Nah I'm lying man that shit's crap
OK, Teyana got a fat ass
But she won't let nobody in the clique tap
And there ain't gon' be no new Yeezy album
Cause he in the the trunk with his mouth taped and his wrists wrapped
Shut the f**k up nigga! Shut the f**k up!

He then continues to air out Kanye West and Def Jam for not having him put an album out yet. He also throws his G.O.O.D. Music family under the bus because they've all had a chance to release albums before he has.

It seems as if he knew what he said would start some sort of commotion but felt that he needed to vent about it anyway.

That being said it's hard to tell whether or not its a diss track or simply CyHi saying I'm still here Yeezy.

Kanye West is a seasoned veteran in the Hip-Hop game and has experimented with other aspects of music as well.

He's never really had anyone in Hip-Hop fire shots like this at him before but given his support for Drake as he clowned Meek Mill live on stage at OVO Fest 2015, could he have an answer for Cyhi The Prynce? Pusha T is an artist who wouldn't hold back at all if he's drawn into a beef.

However, oddly enough, he retweeted the track from CyHi which, again, may allude to the fact that the track might be all in fun.

The track feels more like CyHi is standing up for himself and trying to complete the mission of finally getting a studio album out to his fans.

So, will Kanye West respond to CyHi's wishes and work with Def Jam to help CyHi the prince join his G.O.O.D. Music members in the album department? That remains to be seen, in the meantime, check out the "Elephant In The Room" track below.

Listen to "Elephant In The Room" below.