Will Howard Stern Resign With SiriusXM?

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It looks like Howard Stern's decision with SiriusXM is still up in the air as he continues to struggle with whether or not he will be continuing his radio show on the network.

When a caller asked Stern what he is going to do regarding his SiriusXM radio contract, the answer was just what you would expect from Stern.

The caller mentioned that there are just nine live shows left for Stern and Stern still left plenty of room for fans to wonder what the future will hold.

Oddly enough, he did mention that if he does plan on going to another network or company, he wouldn't mention what it is.

"Howard said he wasn't professional doing that on terrestrial radio. Howard said they let him talk about Sirius there but then they sued him after he left," according to MarksFriggin's rundown of the show.

"Howard said they told him not to go overboard. He said then after he left they sued him for saying where he was going.

Howard said if he was breaking the rules they should have taken him off the air. Howard said they tricked him. Howard said he got stung."

It seems as if Stern is still keeping all of his cards on the table and his statement confirms that there are others who are interested in signing him. This could very well be it for Stern and the SiriusXM radio show but painstakingly enough for fans, they won't actually know until the show is over.

We believe that there could be a bigger move for Stern such as HBO. However, there has yet to be any confirmation on who has offered Stern contracts outside of SiriusXM.

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