Will Howard Stern Join Jon Stewart, Bill Simmons At HBO?

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For months Howard Stern has been hinting at a dream job offer, which may lure him away from SiriusXM. There are few companies, which would fit the bill as a Stern dream job, but one of them, HBO, has been stocking up on name personalities.

The cable company, which is attempting to grow the subscriber base for not just its channel, but also its standalone app, has been on a hiring spree recently.

It locked up Bill "The Sports Guy" Simmons after he was ousted at ESPN. The popular sports and pop culture personality will host a weekly show for HBO starting next year and given his past with the "30 for 30" documentaries at ESPN, it's likely he will contribute in other ways too.

More shockingly the pay cable channel just announced a four-year deal with Jon Stewart to create content just for the company's streaming service.

The deal does not currently include a show, but it does allow for one through a first-look deal if Stewart decided he wants to get back into the grind.

Add in HBO's already successful programs hosted by Bill Maher and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver as well as its expansion into daily news with Vice and you can see that the company is moving heavily into content which actually has a dedicated audience.

Simmons is one of the few Internet personalities who can actually bring people with him to wherever he goes.

That proved true with Maher and has been true for Oliver as well (and there's no reason to believe it won't be for Stewart).

The only media personality who is about to be a free agent that commands a bigger audience than all of them is Stern.

With less than 20 shows on his SiriusXM deal Stern has been very quiet.

That could mean he's negotiating behind closed doors or it could mean a war is going on for his services.

HBO would be a logical fit where the "King of All Media" could bring his radio show in audio and video form to the company's growing stable of must see content creators.

HBO is building a dream team and Stern would fit well.

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