Will the Howard Stern 'Bobo Free Summer' be Extended?

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By now fans might be missing Howard Stern Wack Packer Bobo Bowie however, there are some conflicting reports from the Stern Show that might make you wonder whether or not the Bobo Free Summer will be ending soon.

Today, Howard Stern said that Bobo would be back soon according to MarksFriggin.

There was even an official tweet from the Stern Show that stated the "Bobo Free Summer" would be coming to an end on September 8. Bobo was banned from the Stern Show for trying to make money off of the show.

However, a recent tweet from the Stern Show might be alluding to an extended "Bobo Free Summer" or perhaps Fall, as the season grows near. The Stern Show is reporting that Bobo contacted Wolfie via Facebook and that it may be grounds for an extension of his ban.

There hasn't been official word on whether or not the ban will be extended but you never know when it comes to Howard Stern.