Will Drake's '3 Peat' Diss Track be Released if Meek Mill and Sauce Walka Create a Diss Track?

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It's not become evident that Meek Mill and Sauce Walka have been in the studio together. These two rappers are responsible for dissing Drake for their respective reasons.

That being said, will fans finally hear the alleged "3 Peat" diss from Drake if Mill and Walk decide to team up against Drizzy?

Yesterday MTV's Adam Fleischer reported that Meek Mill and Sauce Walka were in the studio together and the obvious thing that these two have in common is a bit of hard feelings towards Drake. Walka criticized Drake for taking from the Houston rap culture without giving back and Mill dissed Drake for not writing his own lyrics.

Drake responded to Mill with a two diss tracks, "Back To Back" being the most popular one.

He then responded to Walka's claims in Houston by telling the city that he tries to give more than he ever took from them and that he didn't care want anyone else thought of him, according to the report.

Drake apparently believes he's killed Meek Mill's career after he stated that Mill was already dead following "f**k Meek Mill" chants from the crowds. This could all be good news for fans who want to hear the coveted "3 Peat" track that was rumored during the Mill and Drake beef. When the beef died down it seemed as if the track would never surface. However, we'd like to believe that Drake has his hands on the submit button for "3 Peat" if Mill and Walka decide to come at him.

We speculated that the "3 Peat" track might never come but that has a strong possibility of changing. It really just seems that Mill and Walka are batting below the average that Drake is.

Drake has been ready for everything that was thrown at him and continues to rise.

It will be interesting to see what Mill and Walka are cooking up but judging from the way Drake handled the Meek Mill beef, it better be really good if it's a diss.

Drake says Meek Mill is already dead.