Seven Wild Ideas Owning "Run it Up The Flagpole and See If Anyone Salutes" Day

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January 2nd is international "Run it Up The Flagpole and See If Anyone Salutes Day." It's based on an expression commonly used in advertising and print media meaning to float an idea to see what people think, and if they take notice.

Today is a day of zany creativity and trying new ideas. Perhaps try a new hair cut, or pitch that idea you've been sitting on at work.

Or maybe buy an actual flag, run it up the flagpole, and see if anyone salutes. While the origin of this day is unknown, it's legacy clearly lives on.

When I first saw the name of this weird, random holiday, I literally envisioned a human being, running up a flag pole (a la the epic training scene in "Mulan") and waiting to see if anyone down below will salute them.

Now. If that's not an idea that will get noticed...

Here's a handful of ideas that are getting some extra love on this day:

These New Year's resolutions requiring a lot of dedication from you. You should learn magic, or start a new meme, or break a world record!

Cereal is actually soup. Probably.

Wondering if Sarah Palin is still relevant

The Solo Honeymoon Trend. Apparently, newlyweds with busy work lives celebrate their weddings by themselves.

These incredibly insightful points made on Reddit's r/showerthoughts:
1. "There should be a dog toy that squeaks in a frequency that humans can't hear.

via beachedwolf.
2. "Instead of torturing people for getting information, why don't they just get them really drunk?" via DahmerNosePizza
3. "'Jackass' is the hard-core reboot of 'The Three Stooges'" via GenerationSelfie

Be as epic as any of these flagpole people.
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Russell Brand's Revolution
Brand and his sad obsession with fame and attention is like, the epitome of what it means to run it up a flagpole and see if anyone salutes.

When it comes to the man's comedic timing, he packs the theater full, but when the funny man decided to shares his revolutionary manifesto, most people turned another cheek.The Atlantic absolutely hated Brand's book, "calling it a rambling illustration of the grandiosity that fame enables." It's so terrible, that many people wonder if it's a satire.

Well, he did get noticed, but hardly a salute.

Got a crazy idea you want to run up the flagpole today? Share it with us!