Why Rob Dyrdek Is The Coolest Man Alive, 'Relentlessly Manufacturing Amazing'

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When you hear the name Rob Dyrdek it's usually synonymous with crazy, hilarious and having one of the coolest office buildings ever.

Often overlooked are his overall accomplishments that are graciously outlined for his fans on his professional website.

Dyrdek represents the adult who still has an inner child allowing him to think outside of the box when it comes to creative ideas and investments. He's not the stereotypical business man, however, the impact he's had on pop and skateboarding culture often goes underexposed.

Right now he has a hit show titled, "Ridiculousness" airing on MTV and it's certainly not his first rodeo when it comes to television.

Dyrdek got his television start with MTV on his show "Rob and Big" that chronicled everyday events in the life of Dyrdek and his bodyguard Christopher Boykin. Together the two displayed their humorous lifestyle and moments that don't occur in a normal persons life.

For Dyrdek it looks like he's always thinking about the next adventure and from "Rob and Big" blossomed "Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory." "Fantasy Factory" chronicled the everyday happenings of Dyrdek's life in his cool ass office building rigged with rails, stairs and ramps for you know, the "down time." His interaction with his staff and family on the show became a focus point including jokes, tricks, pranks and adventures that only occur in some people's minds.

He has amassed 3.63 million followers on Twitter, 2.5 million followers on Instagram, almost seven million fans on Facebook and a total of 31.3 fans reached by his Social Footprint according to RobDyrdek.com's infographic.

"With more than a dozen companies and brands in his portfolio today, Rob is a case study in hard work, hustle, and uncanny street smarts," says his website and it couldn't be anything far from the truth.

Many professional athletes reach a point where they make a ton of money but not all know how to invest it in ventures that could secure their future long after they are done with their respective sport.

Let's be honest, once you make it on to Larry King Now, your the man right?

He's never forgotten the sport that got him where is is and created the Street League Skateboarding, one of the biggest competitive series in the sport. SLS has reached 4.5 billion global impressions an 5.5 million viewers domestically and dishes out $6.3 million in prize money offered in events according to RD statistics.

After fostering the growth of the sport of skateboarding with the SLS events, Dyrdek transcended the sport of skateboarding, became and entrepreneur and entered the world of television and as a result lives from what we can tell a pretty awesome life.

"In addition to his own ventures, some of the biggest corporations in the world, including Viacom, Kraft, Chevrolet, and Monster, now turn to Rob for his irreverent perspective on launching and growing brands in a fast-evolving media world," according to his about me section.

Success breeds more success and that is what these companies are looking at when they go to Dyrdek for advice.

Yes, Dydrek does use his money to buy fast cars and spends it on some outlandish ventures, however, he's worked hard for it and has always given back to the community.

With the SLS Foundation, Dyrdek has continued to provide "safe, legal and accessible places for anyone to skate." His style never changes and he's always about making fun out of any situation.

What's more important is the overall message that Dyrdek hopes to send one day and it's one of his quotes that stands out the most.

"We're in the business of amazing, with the ultimate goal of impacting culture, making them laugh, and inspiring them to be the best version of themselves." - Rob Dyrdek's Profile

Fans who want to see Dyrdek in his loose and hilarious setting can tune in to MTV's "Ridiculousness" Thursdays at 10 PM EST.