Why 'The Originals' Daniel Gillies' Role Will Be More Important Than Ever In Season 3

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While many of Daniel Gillies' fans have learned that he had reunited with his good friend Paul Wesley. Seeing him on social media sparked an idea.

Gillies' role of Elijah Mikaelson should be taking an important turn come season three of "The Originals."

It's important to address the fact that there aren't many Mikaelson's in the Louisiana anymore. Mikael and Esther are dead, Kol and Finn have been banished from existence for the time being and Rebekah has gone off on yet another trip of her own.

This leaves two Mikaelson brothers who are at the height of their tension for each other.

As Klaus' only remaining family in sight, Elijah will have to think about whether or not his brother's betrayal has been the last straw in their relationship.

"It's not just a begrudging alliance now -- it's an alliance on its last thread of trust," Gillies told TheWrap in an episode of "Drinking With The Stars."

Gillies' character Elijah has defended his brother in all situations he possibly could.

Marked by Gillies' strong ability to hone in on his character, Elijah has become one of the most interesting characters since his first appearance on "The Vampire Diaries." The character growth has been phenomenal and the fact that Gillies has such a good hold on Elijah is another reason the development of his character only has room for growth and a heightened role.

"The Originals" sprung another twist that fans never saw coming when Hayley's curse was reactivated by Dahlia and Klaus making it only possible to take human form under the full moon. She entrusted Elijah with the task of keeping a watchful eye on Hope while she's unable to do so.

Elijah's role as the protector is now stronger than ever. He has to learn to put aside his differences with his brother in order to fulfill his promise to Hayley, one that is sure to be put through the test.

Klaus has betrayed many people in his fight to save Hope and stay in command over the Quarter.

It might be safe to say that Davina will be out for blood in season three and while she is a forgiving soul, she might be on her last straw.

If she goes after Klaus, Hope will need added protection from Elijah so it's quite possible that while Klaus has to tend to keeping himself alive, he would entrust the safety of Hope with Elijah.

There are many characters that depend on Elijah which shows how important his character is to the show and how much room there is for him to play the most important role he's played to date in "The Originals" season three.

In the meantime fans will have to endure the wait until "The Originals" returns in the Fall.